C&C Vocal and Music Services


RATES - 30 min. $27 / 45 min. $40.50 / 1 hour $54

Registration fee for new students - $25


Specializing in vocal training, we offer lessons in 30, 45, and 1 hour sessions. Each session begins with warm up and technique, and then moves into various vocal repertoire, depending on the individuals age, skill level, and preferences. MusicTheatre, Top 40, Disney, Classical, and Country are among many of the different styles we help people improve their voices for. Whether you are a beginner or advanced with your voice, we will customize a lesson plan that helps you improve and meet your goals as a singer.

Other lessons available


As performing Singer / Songwriters, we have been awarded multiple grants from The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record. These grants were used to further our songwriting through professional workshops held in Canada and the United States. Working with world class writers that have penned songs for Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Aerosmith, and many others has given us the tools to help any songwriter develop their craft, and inspire them to become better. Please inquire if you’d like help with your writing and/or how to perform it better.

Beginner Guitar & Piano

Looking to get your feet wet on an instrument? We are able to help with those students wanting to take guitar or piano for the first time with our patient and nurturing group of teachers.. Just inquire!