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Slow Dance For Cancer

Hello my friend,It's me Paul, your friendly neighbourhood songwriter. I'm emailing you about a cause related project that I am honoured to be a part of....helping Cancer with the gift of song. I believe if you listen to this song, and read briefly about the true story behind it, you will be moved in some way, touched in some way, and might agree with spreading this song around the world. This is a campaign on behalf of my company (C&C Vocal/Music Services) to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society. Read on, then listen to the song. I have put my full efforts, heart, and soul into this work, and believe with passion that we can make a difference. We need your help though.... to listen, share, download, and forward this song - especially to people directly or indirectly affected by Cancer. For every online sale of the downloadable song ‘Slow Dance’ by Blind Colour, $0.50 will be contributed by C&C Vocal/Music Services to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of cancer research.Please listen on, the words to this music were actually written by poet David Weatherford, whom passed from Cancer 2 years ago. I can assure you, this message comes from a genuine place. Your friend, Paul Cook

Slowdance For Cancer

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Slow Dance, by Blind Colour

The song you are about to hear was inspired by the poet "David L. Weatherford". He penned it urging a beautiful message to humanity